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5 Must-Read Green Articles, Oct. 8 – Oct. 21

Posted 10.22.2008

In this office, we all try to stay abreast of the latest sustainability and environmental news.  Over the past two weeks, we compiled this list of five articles that we think are must-reads for anyone who’s already interested or who wants to begin educating him/herself on these issues.  Take a couple of minutes to click through each link and peruse our selection, and make sure to let us know what you think.  Happy reading!

Policy & Legislation Updates

The Future of Climate Change Policy
Scientific American, October 2008


The Bush administration has wasted the last eight years. It should have been taking decisive action but engaged instead in systematic understatement of the danger. There is now reason to hope, however, that this country is about to shift from shameful foot-dragging into the leadership role that the world needs and expects.

Climate Change

Nature Loss ‘dwarfs bank crisis’
BBC News, October 10



The global economy is losing more money from the disappearance of forests than through the current banking crisis, according to an EU-commissioned Deutsche Bank study.

Renewable Energy News

Green Collar Job Training Program Focuses on At-risk Youth
Renewable Energy World, Oct. 10


The city of Santa Fe has found that two of its problems, a high percentage of high school drop outs and a lack of green collar workers, have the same solution — a green collar job training program that recruits from a pool of at risk youths.

Company Floats Idea of Pacific Coast Wind Power
The Oregonian, October 21

As Seattle-Based company Principal Powers Inc. ponders installing wind turbines off the Oregon coast, local fisherman wonder how renewable energy will effect their industry.

Green Marketing & Perception Updates

Sustainability and its Impact on Brand Value
Environmental Leader, September 28



Sustainability is not an asset that can be bought or sold; rather it’s becoming an integral part of many a company’s philosophy. Just as company management practices influence business value, so do sustainability initiatives. Therefore, the question is: How does it create value?