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Thanks for Giving Green

Posted 11.27.2008

In my first post-college job, I helped plan the “Thanks for Giving,” event, a dinner that brought non-profit volunteers together to tell them how much we appreciated their envelope-stuffing, crowd shuttling, fundraising and committee planning. This was back when my business partner, Valerie Davis, and I worked at the UT Ex-Students’ Association in the late 1980s (where we met as office partners). Thanking those volunteers didn’t cost that much money, and didn’t take that much effort. But it kept their spirit alive, and it kept their volunteerism alive.

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Volunteers from EnviroMedia and Americorps removed invasive plants at Zilker Park.

So on this Thanksgiving Day, I’d like to say THANKS, to all those who volunteer their time for environmental groups across the world. Some people do the hard work, like picking up trash for Adopt-A-Highway or planting trees in sand dunes to stop erosion.

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Protestors from all across the country, outside the Presidential Summit on Energy

Some volunteers focus on advocacy. At the federal, state and local government level, there are thousands of industry lobbyists for every one paid environmental lobbyist. The grassroots phone-banking, letter-writing, petition-gathering, sign-waving and watchdog environmentalists are growing in ranks, but all of them work hard, with very little thanks except knowing their individual efforts may truly improve the world we live in.

And many others only have time to write a check. Or donate food to a food bank. Thanks to them as well. There is no question in the latest green movement that environmental groups have benefited from increased donations. If you’re one of them, don’t forget about them just because times are tough. These few groups are working tirelessly to implement changes to our environment and energy policies that will make life better for future generations. At our company, we provide automatic pay deductions to support Earth Share, a centralized way to support hundreds of green non-profits.

Happy Thanksgiving from all the staff of EnviroMedia Social Marketing and Green Canary Sustainability Consulting!