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When Science Denialists Take Power; 365,000 AIDS Deaths

Posted 11.28.2008

On my plane heading home for Thanksgiving, I am weeping. I am in shock after reading the November 26 New York Times story, “Study Cites Toll of AIDS Policy In South Africa—Drug Program Might Have Saved 365,000.”

Former President Thabo Mbeki governed South Africa refusing to provide anti-retroviral drugs to the FIVE MILLION adults and children infected with HIV disease. He chose to believe the farce of ‘evidence’ denying HIV caused AIDS. He joined ranks with a vocal minority of AIDS denialists.  The Times story reveals new research by Harvard University which conservatively estimates, over a five year period, the deaths of 365,000 South Africans, including 35,000 babies could have been saved with existing drugs.

Chew on that statistic some more and let it sink in. That’s the equivalent of 121 Iraq Wars or 9/11 attacks.

Denialists are hard to understand. They deny the Holocaust, the JFK assassination, and today they continue to deny the science of global climate change.

One more reason to give thanks for President-Elect Obama.