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EnviroMedia’s Huge in Brazil!

Posted 02.07.2013

OK, maybe “huge” is a bit of an overstatement. But we were gratified to find some important work of ours recognized in this recent blog post from the largest country in South America.

Written in Portuguese, the blog post highlights EnviroMedia’s creative work for the “Share Air” campaign on behalf of the Texas Department of State Health Services. In particular, it singled out the print ads that our talented design team produced for Share Air. The ads show graphically why neither employers nor employees should have to put up with secondhand smoke.

Anti-smoking campaigns are of big interest in Brazil. In 2011, the government there banned smoking in all enclosed public spaces. Brazil’s the largest country to enact such a ban. As this story from the World Health Organization points out, Brazil’s also been a leader in combatting leanwashing by the tobacco industry. For instance, it banned adjectives like “light” and “mild” from cigarette packages as early as 2001.

For a rough translation of the blog post, go here and put the copy in the appropriate place. And to find out more about smoke-free indoor air in Texas, visit SmokeFreeTexas.org.