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EnviroMedia Awarded Platinum Sustainability Certification

Posted 08.30.2014

EnviroMedia is the first business to be awarded Austin’s Green Business Leaders 2014 Platinum Sustainability certification. As the nation’s first environmental marketing agency, EnviroMedia has been on the forefront of sustainable business practices since 1997 and this recognition further exemplifies that continued commitment. EnviroMedia’s new office space at 2021 East Fifth St was built last […]

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Ice Bucket Challenge, EnviroSlide Style

Posted 08.19.2014

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A dictionary, clock & megaphone: required tools for climate action

Posted 05.26.2014

I’ve been asked by friends and family, “What can I really do about climate change?” I tell them ignorance is the key barrier to society reducing pollution, and reducing pollution is the only way to make climate change impacts “less bad” in the future. A climate-savvy citizenry will demand actions from governments and the companies making products they consume.

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Austin Business Journal: EnviroMedia, Vital Farms on mission for egg awareness

Posted 04.30.2014

Introducing EnviroMedia’s new client: Vital Farms. We’ll be helping consumers understand there’s a big difference between pasture-raised and “free range” and “cage free.” Read more in ABJ…

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EnviroMedia in the News: Austin Business Journal

Posted 04.25.2014

EnviroMedia’s new headquarters has just been named one of Austin’s best new buildings. Congratulations to Endeavor Real Estate Group!

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EnviroMedia in the News: Consumer Eagle

Posted 03.27.2014

The Consumer Eagle quoted Kevin Tuerff, president of EnviroMedia and co-founder of the Greenwashing Index, in a story about the gDiaper settlement.

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EnviroMedia in the News: Spoon University

An online food publication for college students recently covered the Leanwashing Index in an article about the fight against meaningless food labels.

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Solving the Case of the Reclaimed UT Bricks

Posted 03.07.2014

Most of the work I do here at EnviroMedia involves weeding out mistakes or editing materials for our clients. But I recently got an unusual assignment. I was asked to solve a mystery. The mystery involved the advertising agency’s new headquarters at 2021 E. Fifth Street.

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We are 17, going on 18

Posted 02.09.2014

After a business trip to Germany last week, I made a quick side trip to Salzburg, Austria, where I saw the famous mansion where the Sound of Music was filmed. Do you remember the scene at the gazebo where Liesl sings to Rolfe, “I am 16, going on 17?” EnviroMedia is like Rolfe: today our company is 17, going on 18. Indeed, we are older and wiser.

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EnviroMedians Get a New Toy

Posted 01.13.2014

In our last blog post, we wrote this: EnviroMedia was founded on the idea of moving the world in a more sustainable direction. And now we’re counting down the hours until we move in a more sustainable direction ourselves — to a new headquarters built with health and the environment in mind. Well, we’ve moved now, so we can finally tell the truth about why we did it.

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