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Read Kevin Tuerff’s 2015 predictions for sustainability and green marketing on EnvironmentalLeader.com (Read More)

Posted 02.06.2015

Environmental Leader | February 2, 2015 Kevin Tuerff, President and Co-founder of EnviroMedia Eco-sustainability will matter more than ever in 2015; this is the year the US’s leading companies must prove they are finally addressing climate change through corporate sustainability, thanks to two presidents and the Pope. Remember the green marketing wave of 2007? Al […]

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Press Release: Austin-based EnviroMedia Awarded Federal Contract with Options of Up to 20 Years

Posted 01.27.2015

AUSTIN — EnviroMedia has been awarded a five-year Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) Schedule 541 contract by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the procurement agency for the federal government. This new contract for the Austin-based small business includes options for three renewals of five years each (20 years total). EnviroMedia’s Schedule 541 (or […]

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New Year’s resolution to quit smoking?
See our latest ad.

Posted 01.08.2015

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Water: America’s Most Essential — But Most Neglected — Natural Resource

Posted 12.30.2014

When you wake up in the morning there are many constants. The sun hangs in the east. Your cellphone sits where you left it the night before. And when you go into your kitchen, you undoubtedly have access to a glass of water. Very rarely do people consider the lengthy journey that water took to […]

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Austin Business Journal: EnviroMedia gets valuable OK to bid on contracts with federal agencies (view article)

Posted 12.03.2014

Austin Business Journal | Dec 3, 2014, 2:52pm CST Chad Swiatecki, Staff Writer-Austin Business Journal EnviroMedia of Austin could soon be receiving big contracts from Uncle Sam, following the advertising and marketing company’s approval as a vendor for the U.S. General Services Administration. The approval stands for five years with options for three five-year renewals and […]

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U.S. Study: Interest In Residential Solar Jumps With Leasing Option

Posted 10.20.2014

EnviroMedia released national poll results that show what will motivate homeowners to install solar panels. Read the press release here.

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U.S. Study: Possible Upside To News Coverage Of Water Supply Threats

Posted 10.07.2014

EnviroMedia released a new study from the WaterSmart Innovations conference that shows recent water-related headlines about droughts, chemical spills, and burst pipelines may have a surprisingly positive impact on water conservation. Read the press release here.

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EnviroMedia Awarded Platinum Sustainability Certification

Posted 08.30.2014

EnviroMedia is the first business to be awarded Austin’s Green Business Leaders 2014 Platinum Sustainability certification. As the nation’s first environmental marketing agency, EnviroMedia has been on the forefront of sustainable business practices since 1997 and this recognition further exemplifies that continued commitment. EnviroMedia’s new office space at 2021 East Fifth St was built last […]

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Ice Bucket Challenge, EnviroSlide Style

Posted 08.19.2014

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A dictionary, clock & megaphone: required tools for climate action

Posted 05.26.2014

I’ve been asked by friends and family, “What can I really do about climate change?” I tell them ignorance is the key barrier to society reducing pollution, and reducing pollution is the only way to make climate change impacts “less bad” in the future. A climate-savvy citizenry will demand actions from governments and the companies making products they consume.

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